Has my online account been compromised?

Over the past month or so, 711 million credentials have been hacked in an attempt for attackers to try credentials that have been reused in online services to gain access to accounts.

Yep, that’s right! Online robots also known as ‘bots’, have managed to hack out 711 million usernames and passwords across the internet for email services and other online social services. The idea will be to gain access to your email address or other services online in order to gain access to a wide range of personal and financial information.

How do I find out?
Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach, click here.

I have personally not been able to verify the data contained in the above site but it does appear to be a central repository of all data breaches and seems reliable.

What to do?
If you have been compromised, I highly recommend immediately changing the password for any website that uses your email address as its login. It’s important to ensure that you use unique passwords for all online accounts. I know this is hard to do but this is primarily why it needs to be done, to reduce the attack vector.

How to protect in future?
If and where possible, additionally, try to enable multi-factor authentication for key online accounts that contain either financial info or have the same email address/account info used for major online services.

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