5 steps to setup Apple’s Digital Wallet

There’s really not much to setting this up. Here’s the surprisingly simple guide for NZ and UAE

With so much talk about Digital currency and wallets, I’ve decided to test and write about Apple Pay.

What you need?

These are the pre-requisites you’ll need before you get started.

  • An iPhone 6 or above
  • A minimum iOS version of 9
  • The wallet app (in-built)
  • An iCloud account already setup and ready to go
  • A supported card from a participating banks


Step 1 – Open the wallet app


Step 2 – Tap the add debit or credit card


Step 3 – Position a physical card within the camera frame


Step 4 – Follow instructions provided by the bank for confirmation

Step 5 – Good as gold. Use it at participating stores

So what happens when I can’t add my card?

First of all, make sure you’ve done all the pre-requisites mentioned above. Ensure, you’ve region is set correctly. If that’s done, try restarting your phone. If that fails, then remove the card you’ve just added and go through the above steps again. If all else fails, remove the card, update to the latest version, restart the phone and then try go through the steps again.
Here are the Banks that are supported for Apple Pay –

Supported cards in NZ

  1. BNZ
  2. ANZ

Supported cards in UAE

  1. HSBC
  2. Standard Chartered
  3. Mashreq Bank
  4. Emirates NBD
  5. Emirates Islamic Bank

Where can I use this in NZ?

Farmers, Glassons, Hallenstein, Dominos, Burger King, BP, McDonalds, Noel Leeming, Stevens, Warehouse, Warehouse Stationary, Torpedo7, Storm and Corporate cabs. It also seems like more are coming

Where can I use this in UAE?

Of course the Apple Store, Marks & Spencers, Sharaf DG, Home Centre, Virgin Megastore, Caffe Nero, Address Hotel, Armani, Bloomingdales, BabyShop, Carrefour, Centerpoint stores, EMax, Du, Duty Free, KFC, Pizza Hut, Jumbo, GAP, Harvey Nicols, Shoe Mart, Spinneys, LuLu, Burger King, iStyle, Costa Coffee with more on the way..

The above stores are in no way an exhaustive list. Apple is working towards having apps that support the Apple Pay. This will make purchases even easier. And, you can view your last transactions in your Apple Wallet


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