About Me

The short version:

This is probably not the average ‘about me’ page you were expecting. I love technology so I’ll get down to writing this rather than use a speech to text software and sounding like an automaton. On to this daunting task then –


Firstly, if you were expecting me to look like the typical nerdy guy with glasses, a scruffy face and a total lack of social skills, you’ll be surprised!! Having said that, I can go into geek mode easily if I’m excited enough.

And nope, stop picturing a scene out of The Big Band Theory! Overall I’m an adventurer and thrill seeker. Been married 4 years with a lovely hard working wife and a 1 year old son that can be easily summed up as little cuteness.


Health is something I’m quite into. Well shredded with almost a 6 pack and a lean body………………..but that was before I got married. Now I have a small family pack in its place and feel like a cricket stump! Speaking of sport,

I’m not so tall but I love basketball. Great.. my first rhyme. Fast forward 15 years after playing on school and university level, I can probably jump only a few cms off the ground. But now the takeoff and slam dunk is on the technology level 🙂 Also a TV and movies buff. I’ve got wicked automation’s at home that ….ok… I’ll skip that part and say I can randomly quote stuff from TV and movies that might freak you out. To this day, I still believe in having DVDs.


Now lets meet the Geek: 15 years in the field of technology, certifications enough to fill a room and I’m still going. I’ve given lectures and presentations from a corporate level down to consumer level and thankfully achieved only a few yawns. I’ve got some international experience as well since I’ve moved a few countries and settled in NZ. Yet, I’ve worked in areas where people have come in through the door thinking its a freezer room only to find out a lone me sitting in, what appears to be, a server room that was noisier than a toddler with teething pain, as if I were punished for bad behavior.


Still wanna know more? Please download my bio here –